STATISTICS : “..use of our broad and well-founded network of collaborators to create detailed and accurate databases able to fulfil our clients’ necessities (…)”

GHOST WRITING : “ addition to the creation of a solid and accurate database, we offer our experience and knowledge as ghost-writers for the elaboration of texts and articles intended to be published in international journals (…)”

EDITORIAL : “..we offer our experience and knowledge in the creation of databases constituting the best basis for the fulfilment of the major target of a newspaper (…)”

PROFILING AND RATING : “This type of interview allows to investigate operator’s areas for delineate a complete profile, as:

1-The story and ideas of the operator- manager.

2-The service of the operator and the competence of the employees.

3-The structure of the operator (…)”

SATISFACTION ANALYSIS : “..our trained professionals will be on site, face-to-face approach, and will investigate on the satisfaction of the dealer/distributor towards the manufacturer (…)”