Another branch of our business is based on the satisfaction analysis. In this regards, our trained professionals will be on site, face-to-face approach, and will investigate on the satisfaction of the dealer/distributor towards the manufacturer as well as the customer experience towards the dealer..

Once we reach the information from the market, it will be elaborated and presented in a detailed database where the operator is anonymous while the sector is highlighted.

The statistic result highlights the experience of the chain from the manifacturer to the customer in order to qualify the sector and create a rating.

The satisfaction analysis is built to give a specific information regarding the sector, especially when it compares more markets worldwide. The summary chapter of the analysis will sum up by grades, 0 to 10, the dealer/distributor’ satisfaction as well as information of the chain from the final customer to the manufacturer.

Since the main focus of our work is on the data themselves, we garantee the survey will be presented without specifications of the source in order to protect the identity of our providers.