Sometimes the Client does not have the time and/or the knowledge to elaborate the information in an effective way and guarantee the success. In fact, what matters to properly inform the reader is not just the content but also the frame and experience. Based on this, we will know exactly what the Client wants to communicate and how to do it. In fact, in addition to the creation of a solid and accurate database, we offer our experience and knowledge as ghost-writers for elaborating texts and articles intended to be published in international journals. After an accurate interview, realized to understand the needs of the client, we set up the timings, the costs and the features of the work to be done in order to offer the best possible solution. We can easily start from a rough draft provided from the Client or we can begin our work from the scratch. Anyway, during the process we will periodically report to you the progress of the project so that the Client can check each step, propose any changes and make sure that we are taking the right direction. The text will be modified and revised until we receive their final approval that will sign the end of our collaboration and the fact that we have been able to satisfy their necessities. Once the final writing is in their hand, it will be of your only property and therefore publishable by only the Client. We guarantee that the identity of our Clients will always remain secret.