In order to create solid and accurate articles, it’s necessary to start from a wide group of precised and detailed data. Sometimes the collection and elaboration of these data, although essential, could be difficult and expensive in terms of time and money.  For this reason, we offer our experience and knowledge in the creation of databases with the aim of reaching the major target by effective articles based on on-field researches. In order to do so, we can rely on a consolidated and extensive network of collaborators distributed worldwide. After the first contact, we will make sure to understand perfectly your necessities through interviews ; the best solution for our Client in terms of time and conditions. Then the data collection will be followed by the creation of the complete database, which will be delivered to the Client at the end of the project.

Since the main focus of our job is on the data themselves, we guarantee that they will all be presented without the specification of the derivation sources, so to assure the protection of the identity of our providers.