MotorEditor is an established provider of editorial services in many industries, in particular Automotive, Motorcycle and Construction.

We provide a complete spectrum of services including Statistic Data Collection, Ghost Writing, Editorial Flanking, Profiling/Rating as well as Satisfaction Analysis.

Our mission is to work on site for our clients; our standardized methodology and workflow save time and cost.

MotorEditor team is aimed at precise results, improving Clients’ network performance, combining innovation and deep knowledge of industries. MotorEditor wants to make its mark in terms of excellence, professional integrity, accuracy and passion: we are the best answer to our editorial clients’ needs.

We have always invested in our own international network of freelancers. Started as a small group of freelancers across the main cities, the field network is now spread over 6 continents. Our fields are local and trustworthy professionals who can manage your information with anonymity.
The worldwide network allows us to be present in many markets with lower costs.

The statistic data collection represents the fundamental activity on-site: we are now building a new field of expertize: the satisfaction analysis of the dealerships in specific industries. The other services we furnish are: editorial flanking, where we collect statistics for main newspapers, ghost writing, where we work for a main client in the complete anonymity, and profiling/rating, where we investigate the dealers profile.